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Posting Tips for Business Listings

Posting Tips

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Posting your Business Listing

It’s quick and easy to add your business listing to the Hopatcong Lake Regional News site. Just follow the online instructions in the “Add a Business” form, and follow these tips below.

At any time if you have a question or problem, contact us at Editor@MyLakeNews.com.


Tips for Posting your Business Listing:

  • Add image: (Your logo) shouldn’t be larger than 300 pixels in width or height for best representation

  • Attachments: Use this area to upload things like your menu or Price list

  • Business Category: Please let us know if your category is missing and we’ll add it

  • Business Location: Make sure in the field “Enter your address” you fully enter your full address (i.e. “10 Lake Drive, Lake Hopatcong, NJ”) as this will populate the fields below and place your business on the Google Map. If for some reason, it doesn’t recognize your address, you will need to manually click on your location in the map provided below.

  • Metadata: You should complete this information by using your business name as the title and adding your business slogan as the description.

That’s all you have to do to create your listings!

If you need our professional help to add your listing, just contact us at Editor@MyLakeNews.com and we’ll help you post and polish you’re listing to give you the best results possible.

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